Don’t change your name, change the game




I samarbeid med Ystory og Apeks lagde vi landingsside til bevisstgjøringskampanjen Apeks lagde i forbindelse med Kvinnedagen.

“77% of all female gamers have experienced harassment for being just that – female gamers. Name-calling, mansplaining, slurs, boycott, threats, sexual comments, advances, rude noises. The list goes on. As a result 59% of female gamers use male or gender-neutral aliases. To be left alone, to be able to focus on the game.”

“Your voice is turning me on”,   “I’m gonna find out where you live, rape you and kill you”,    “Cunt”,    “Slut”,    “Whore”.

It’s not “just the name of the game.” We’re not talking about smack-talk. Roasting your competitors, coming up with the sickest burn. Fine. We’re all passionate here. But it’s time to draw a line. It should be about the game, not gender, sexual orientation or skin color. – Apeks

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